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Spark a Playful Mind (SAPM) is dedicated to enriching the lives of children through workshops, products and information that empower children to explore, create and consider.

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  • 20 Carrots: Educational playing cards (based on Montessori) to support early math concepts, counting to 20 and early addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The deck comes with a half dozen games and additional documentation for teachers and parents. This is our very own product, developed to emphasize the teen numbers, which in our experience give children the most trouble. When children practice in the context of fun games with their friends, learning math is neither a chore nor difficult. (If children are not solid in the numbers one to ten already, the cards will help them learn those too.)
  • Free download (color PDF file) of the 20 Carrots cards. Although the cards are better when printed on playing-card-quality material, you can certainly try them out for free by printing and cutting them out yourself. (Hint: You can adapt many of the games to use a subset of the cards without cutting out all 80 of them. Then when you find them valuable, go ahead and spend additional time or money for the full deck.)
  • Two sample games that use the 20 Carrots cards. If you buy the deck, you get all six games included in the price plus variations and additional information.
  • We have added a number of recommended vendors recently, chosen for the value of their educational products. Check out the categorized list here.

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