Updated 26 Sep 2014

Software Credits

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This website is built on WordPress from wordpress.org, which is built using the open-source PHP scripting language and the open-source MySQL database.

Our theme started out as Stardust by tomstardust. Margaret Blauvelt modified this theme, and when she changed it enough to worry about breaking it, she did not want it to reflect badly on that original theme or its creator. Nevertheless, she wishes to thank tomstardust for his work creating an accessible theme that runs well in a variety of browsers on a variety of devices.

The 23 WordPress plugins we are using are shown in the list below (links open a new webpage).

(I apologize that a few of the links either don’t exist, don’t work, or go to a URL that is no longer owned by the plugin creator. This list is automatically generated by, well, a plugin, which has to go on the information supplied by the other plugins. Even when all my plugins are up to date, as they usually are, the plugin creators sometimes neglect to update their contact information. Just search for the plugin at wordpress.org or through a search engine, and you’ll probably find something relevant.)

We also tried the following plug-ins and thought enough of them to keep them installed for possible later use, though at this time they are deactivated:

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