Jan 09 2016

Fractions Made Visible – and Fun

Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons The aptly named website, “Visual Fractions,” shows fraction concepts and operations the way I teach them – from a visual basis. Although it is standard for math curricula to introduce fractions visually, most of them drop the visualization too early. Worse, when many children are just starting to grasp these concepts, they are expected to move onto the next ones before they have practiced and explored enough to feel confident and remember what they need to do. The “Visual Fractions” website not only… Read more

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Sep 17 2015

New Osmo Game

Osmo®, the educational game platform that incorporates actual, hands-on pieces while giving software-based feedback and enhancements, has a new game for teaching basic math concepts and operations, called “Numbers.” As I mentioned in a previous post, Osmo uses the camera on an iPad to “see” which game pieces the player(s) have put in front of it. The creators of “Numbers” attempt to avoid math anxiety by incorporating flexibility and creativity, avoiding time limits, and building in options for collaboration and fun…. Read more

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Apr 22 2015

Osmo: Software Meets Hands-On Play

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As a Montessori teacher and computer super-user (I even write programs), I worry about young children spending too much time immersed in computers instead of interacting in what used to be normal ways in physical and social realms. Osmo® is different. It actually encourages real-world physical manipulation and in-person social interaction. When I saw their YouTube video about the application for drawing and tracing, I was hooked: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0upQlA6K5YI Osmo uses the iPad’s built-in camera to “see” what the child… Read more

Aug 31 2014

Fold the Flock

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September 1st marks the 100th anniversary of the death of Martha, the last of the passenger pigeons, who died in the Cincinnati zoo in 1914. The Lost Bird Project has a site, Fold the Flock, where you will find origami instructions and paper templates for making origami passenger pigeons, along with videos and other information. One video animation recreates the experience of passenger pigeons so numerous that they darken the sky. This would be a great art/fine motor/biology project for elementary-age children. The free downloadable… Read more

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