Dec 04 2016

Pervasive CDC Corruption Related to Vaccines

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New Book Master Manipulator: The Explosive True Story of Fraud, Embezzlement, and Government Betrayal at the CDC, a book by James Ottar Grundvig, was published last May. Dr. Joseph Mercola wrote a thoughtful review in December 2016 and also posted the following interview on YouTube (uploaded Nov 29, 2016): How far we should trust the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)? My focus here is on vaccines, but the book goes beyond that. Some vaccines certainly do save lives, so we should not reject… Read more

Jun 06 2015

Too Much Thought? Here’s What to Do:

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Go to school for 13 or more years. I don’t mean just any school, but most schools. Most of the political and ideological interests struggling for control of American education share some basic assumptions about the meaning and purpose of schooling in modern society. They assume that schools exist to transmit a certain body of knowledge, and a certain set of values, to young people. They assume that the community, or the state, has the right, indeed the obligation, to discipline children’s minds and abilities into occupations deemed useful… Read more

May 25 2012

Nature and Children

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When I was a child, I roamed the woods and played outdoor games with my friends.  Few children today seem to be so lucky. Below are recent articles that point to the lack of outdoor experience among children and why that matters. "Kids These Days: Why Is America’s Youth Staying Indoors?" (Nature Conservancy website) "Only Half of Preschoolers Play Outside With Parents Daily, Study Finds" (Education Week) "Frequency of Parent-Supervised Outdoor Play of US Preschool-Aged Children" (Archives of Pediatrics &… Read more

May 06 2012

Nearby Winners – California State Science Fair

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Congratulations to the winners of the California State Science Fair!  Winners came from all over, including the following from Northern California. Marin County Neeka A. Mashouf, SPIE Optics & Photonics Award – “for the project best demonstrating scientific research and engineering applications of optical, photonic, imaging, and optoelectronic technologies.” Mendocino County The team of Jessica M. Cronin and Alicia N. Hoxie: Hauta Wissmann Foundation Life Sciences Award – “for an outstanding biology project.” Jacob… Read more

Apr 27 2012

Learning without Perks or Punishments

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As humans, we are intrinsically motivated to learn. (Animals are, too, but their interests and priorities tend to be vastly different.) I am not saying that people necessarily want to learn what other people want to teach them but rather what they themselves find interesting or valuable. If you have ever been interested in dance or other movement activities, and even if you have not, you have probably experimented with your own walk. Was it fun? Did you learn anything? Now imagine being told that you will be graded on how well you walk… Read more

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Apr 09 2012

Family Life Expo & Camp Fair

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This is the first in what will be a series of articles about science and math education for children, activities, learning philosophy and psychology, and a few summaries and comments about interesting education-related stories from other sources. My assistant Stan Jackson and I enjoyed the March 2012 Family Life Expo & Camp Fair, our first time ever. Enticing opportunities for hands-on exploration drew in a stream of curious children for hours without breaks. The children were so eager that I did not even have time to set up the rest of… Read more

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