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Free, electronic version of the 20 Carrots deck of cards.

Product Description

Now you can print your own 20 Carrots deck for free! Cut them out yourself for your own use. Simply add them to your cart and check out, whereupon you will be sent the download link.

Be sure to add the free sample games to your cart as well.

The ability to print your own can be quite helpful. For example, if a card is accidentally torn during a rambunctious game of Chase Me, Puppy! you can easily print another. For extra durability, print them on card stock and laminate them. (For colored backgrounds, use colored paper or card stock.)

The main drawbacks are that they don’t work as nicely as the commercially-produced 20 Carrots deck for shuffling and dealing during card games and cutting out 80 cards takes time.

Sample uses:

  • Help children learn to count to 20: Mount one suit on the wall at eye level where children can count the pictures.
  • Line up in numeric order: Hand each child a card at random. Ask them to line up from lowest to highest number (or vice verse. This is a great way to reduce fighting over who will be at the head of the line.) If you have 20 or fewer children, use just one suit. If you have more children, use more suits and either ask them to make as many lines as you have suits or specify an ordering of suits.
  • Divide children into groups: Choose cards ahead of time according to the groups you want. Hand out one card per child. Ask the children to find others holding the same number.
  • Try out some card games before committing to buying the manufactured deck.

This version has nothing printed for the back side, but on the front of every card (in light gray and small type, so as not to be too distracting) is a copyright notice and website URL. Also, the numerals are bigger than on the manufactured deck, which makes the cards look a bit more crowded, but for children who need to learn the number symbols, these can be helpful.

Cards available for download

Sample of Cards Available for Download


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