Additional Games for 20 Carrots Deck


Included free with purchase of 20 Carrots deck, five games plus instructions for adapting other popular games. In addition, a discussion of how these cards and games teach math implicitly and in fun ways without explicit math lessons.

Product Description

These games are included free when you purchase the physical 20 Carrots playing cards. For those of you who did not buy a deck but instead downloaded the free version, you can download these additional games for a modest price.

After purchase, you will be given links for the following PDF files (a total of 23 pages of games and instructions in all):

  1. Catch Me, Puppy!
  2. How the 20 Carrots Deck Teaches Math without Lessons
  3. Match This
  4. Multiply Those Carrots
  5. Order the Deck
  6. Popular Card Games Adapted for the Special 20 Carrots Deck
  7. Quaddike

(Also be sure to get the free games if you do not have them already.)


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