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Get a free party by hosting a book sale at the same time! Please contact us to discuss details.

Science Parties

A science party is a science presentation with gifts and food added. Often it is held outside, where we can make spectacular messes that wash away easily.

The show begins with a fun concentration of magical (yet explicable) science demonstrations within a preselected theme of your choice. At the end, we pass out activities and instructions for the children to try later. At your discretion, we will even stick around afterwards for a hands-on workshop1.

Book Parties

As a party facilitator, Margaret will lead participants in drama, puppet, art and story activities based on one or more engaging children’s stories – or on a story the children create together

As a Barefoot Books Ambassador, Margaret can also bring colorful and engaging Barefoot Books to your home or school, set them up, and give you free books or a percentage to raise funds for your school or earn books for your family. Even better, your costs are zero! See more at Barefoot Books Kids.

We are also happy to do book parties without any Barefoot Books for sale; just contact us and tell us what you would like.

Popular Science Party Activities

  • Dinosaur Dig
  • Dazzling Electricity Demos
  • Rocketry and Fun Forces
  • Clever Chemistry
  • Rings of Smoke and Gaseous Eruptions

Optional add-ons2

  • Food science of your choice: ice cream made with dry ice, real fruit juice with dry ice carbonation, or exploding kernels of corn. A small science lesson will accompany the creation of these delicacies. After making, we will consume the results, of course.
  • Helium balloons.
  • A cake or cupcakes with a science theme. We are currently working with a local baker and are negotiating available options, but possibilities are a cake made to look like a volcano, space ship or dinosaur, as well as a lower-cost stencil design.

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1If you would like a workshop to follow the presentation, please let us know in advance and we will discuss pricing options with you.

2Add-ons carry an additional charge.

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