Sep 16 2014

Cash Gifting Systems Exploit Math Illiteracy

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Math-phobic children often grow up to be math-phobic adults. Math-phobic adults are sometimes exploited for their money, even if they do not have much of it. Although Spark a Playful Mind is mostly about children and learning, I want discuss one of the many “get-rich-quick” schemes my friend recently introduced me to, because it shows the value of playing with mathematics in grown-up life. This one falls into the category of a “cash gifting system” (known also by similar names, such as the “cash tracking system”). It is a variation on… Read more

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Sep 16 2014

A Simplistic Mathematical Model of a Cash Gifting System

Category: MathematicsAdmin @ 1:58 pm

Introduction A gifting system, in its purist form, sells no goods or services, but promises to make you money through the people you recruit to sign up. Below is a simple mathematical model showing how, in principle, such a system cannot go on forever. There will always be people who lose money. On the other hand, there will also be people who make money (so why not you?) The model below is unrealistic because it does not concentrate money in the hands of the few the way real-world gifting systems operate. My model is the best one could… Read more

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