Sep 27 2016

California Foster Care Children Over-Prescribed Psychotropic Drugs

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I previously wrote about research questioning the long-term use of Ritalin for ADHD. More recently, the State of California conducted an audit of psychotropic drug prescriptions in four representative counties, including Sonoma (the county in which I myself live). Apparently, foster children are prescribed too many of these drugs and often at too high a dosage. Furthermore, proper court authorization procedures are not always followed. I first read of this at the Argus Courier’s website article from the Santa Rosa Press Democrat. For more… Read more

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Dec 16 2015

Fetal Medicine for Down Syndrome

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Down syndrome, also called trisomy 21, is perhaps best known for its role in delayed intellectual development and obvious physical characteristics. Possible errors in over 200 proteins encoded for by the DNA can wreak health havoc. Medical researchers are beginning to focus on ways to fix the biochemistry, giving hope that early detection will result in actual treatment options beyond today’s stark choices of whether or not to abort the fetus and subsequent special education and medical support once the child is born. Regarding intellectual… Read more

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Sep 25 2015

Toxic School Lunches

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Healdsburg Patch has a good article about a study of BPA in children’s school lunches. Here’s one more reason to send lunch from home if you can afford it and to take political action either way: Low-income children are particularly at risk of BPA exposure because they are more likely to eat federally funded meals instead of bringing lunch from home. Increasingly, students are eating not only lunch but also breakfast and sometimes dinner at school, exposing students to potentially dangerous levels of BPA. Click the article title to learn… Read more

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Dec 18 2014

Soy and Health: Urban Myth?

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Is soy a wonder food or full of poison? The Weston A. Price Foundation filed a lawsuit on December 16, 2014 against the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). At issue is that the FDA allows products to make health claims about soy protein’s effect on coronary heart disease. (Source: Citizens for Health, “Group Files Suit Over FDA’s Claim About Soy Protein’s Effect on Heart Disease.”) The American Heart Association embraced soy in its AHA Science Advisory written in 2000, concluding: …it is prudent to recommend including… Read more

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Nov 28 2014

Children Need to Direct Themselves

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Here is evidence that too many children’s lives are over-scripted at the expense not only of their free time, but also of their cognitive development. Psychologists at the University of Colorado in Boulder, CO (USA) and the University of Denver in Denver, CO published their research in the June 17, 2014 Frontiers in Psychology journal entitled, “Less-structured time in children’s daily lives predicts self-directed executive functioning.” The “executive function” is the part of the brain’s function which oversees other parts so that we can… Read more

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